Friday, October 10, 2014

Pre-Meet Week

Monday I did some mobility work, bodyweight squats, and the mcgill 3.
I've found I respond well to mobility work...staying mobile allows me to stay in the right form when squatting/benching/pulling.

Today(thurs)- some stretching, benched a few sets to 225, squatted a few sets to 225

The weights felt "Right" today. Not necessarily just light, but I mean "right".. when benching i really felt the weight sitting on my scapula and lats, when squatting my back felt nice and tight. i slid my grip out a bit as i would on the monolift, and i went gear wide stance and everything just felt "right."

Plan for tomorrow(friday) is to do the mcgill 3 again, then hit the meet on sunday.

I've made a decision to not kill myself with worrying about the cut or not. i'm water loading now, but im not messing with the food. the reason being is why bother really right now?

I'm not shooting for some all-time records, i'm just looking for my personal prs on the way to my 2000 total .. if i come in at 278 or 279 who really cares?

I'll be happier hitting some prs. but that being said, i'll cut my water for the weigh-in and see what happens.

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