Tuesday, May 31, 2016

5.31.16 Max Effort Bench

Floor press + chains to 2RM
Close grip football bar tricep ext 4x10
Tricep band extensions 100 reps
Barbell Rows 4x10
Inverse flyes 4x20

Sunday, May 29, 2016

5.29.16 Max Effort Lower training

SSB off low box to 5RM Raw (Geared lifters)
(Raw lifters 4x10 using Conventional deadlift stance)
Two handed Kettlebell swings 3x10
One handed farmers walks 4 trips
Reverse Hypers 4x12
GHRs 4x15

Thursday, May 26, 2016

5.26.16 Dynamic lower training

Dynamic box squats against bands
50% + Light bands 8x2
Speed pulls against bands 6x1
Reverse Hyper 4x10
GHRs 4x12

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Just received my Westside Barbell Certification!

Very excited to have been notified today that I passed my Westside Barbell Certification Course.
I just want to say it was a lot more in-depth course than I even imagined. It was about 12 hours of DVDs and 3 books to study. Typically I'm pretty good at testing situations, and they allowed 2 hours to complete the exam, and it took me a full 1:56. Only 7% of the questions were multiple choice, and the rest were essay-based.

Knowledge is power, and I've learned a ton of great knowledge to integrate into our teams training plans in the coming months and years.

More updates on new facility

Well.. I'll give you the cliff notes version. Thought we were all set with the lease.. good credit.. money in hand..agreed on terms.. then at the last minute the landlord told us he didn't want a fitness facility in the property because he felt it would damage the floors. Honestly, I have no problem with his decision, but I wish he didn't wait 3 weeks to make the decision after we had agreed on terms, and I secured a business license, etc.

Good news?

Looks like lady luck is in our corner.. another property became available just a few hundred yards down the same road in Middleboro, and we agreed on terms today. They will be taking down a wall to open the space up a bit, plus installing a new front door and some fresh paint. At this point it looks like a July 1 move in. Its not as big as the other place, and not as big as I had hoped for - but this can be Lakeville Powerlifting 1.5 and if we continue to grow.. we can always expand down the road.

This facility will be larger than what we have now and be able to handle all of our equipment, plus the additional competition bench we have coming.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Updates on new facility...

Quick update on the move to our new gym location.. Looks like we are just about in agreement on the terms of our lease for a property at 222 Center St, in Middleboro, MA. This location is right in downtown Middleboro about 2 blocks down from Central Cafe for anyone familiar with the area... Should be centrally located for all.. Plus close to a good Pizza place for some post-training carb loading lol.. Stay tuned for more updates as they happen. Assuming town licensing goes smooth, looking at a potential June 1 official opening, with hopefully a mid-may move in date.

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