Sunday, April 17, 2016

Gym Updates ... 4/17

Ok.. finally making some progress on our move to a new, larger facility. We haven't finalized a lease yet, but we've got 3 locations we are close on and hopefully will wrap one of them up this week. The reason I have to be so careful on our location is although we need more space and are ready for growth, I don't want to jump in to some big-rent lease where I have to be running around chasing for membership fees to pay our bills. I don't do this for the money. I do this for the passion I have for this sport - both training myself, as well as others. We are looking to double our square footage to around 1000 square feet, and be able to get the bills paid without overcrowding, or high membership fees.

Update #1: I am in the process of studying to become a Westside Barbell Certified Personal Trainer. I feel the addition of this knowledge will only make us a stronger team. Knowledge is power. If you aren't familiar with Westside Barbell, this gym probably isn't made for you.

Update #2: We have finalized our Fee schedule for training as follows:

  • Option 1: One time Drop-in fee $10  
  • Option 2: 10 Visit Punch-card $65
  • Option 3: $60 per month with Auto-deduct (30 day cancellation notice)

For this fee you can train within our coached group training sessions, or train on your own on our equipment during operating hours.

I'll continue to update as we get closer to our move, and have more information.


Sunday, April 10, 2016

Exciting news for LPL.. We're growing!

I have some very exciting news for Lakeville Powerlifting on the horizon.

For the last 18 month's we've operated out of  a small 2 car garage, and focused on providing quality powerlifting equipment in a specialized training environment. Together we have all worked to help each other's lifts grow.

Now its time for Lakeville Powerlifting Gym to grow. Here on Facebook, we have nearly 2,000 followers and I get requests weekly for people who want to train with us - and unfortunately I've had to turn away many lifters because we were limited by our space. (Currently about 500 sq feet)

As we wrap up our 10 week meet prep and head into our upcoming RPS NE Revolution powerlifting meet on April 2/3, we will be taking a short break to heal and rest up afterwards - and re-open in a new, larger facility - nearly double in size, with even more specialized equipment not found within 70 miles of our location. Also during this time off, I will be studying to receive my Westside Barbell Personal Training and Athletic Coaching Certificate.

I encourage you to stay tuned here on Facebook for weekly updates as we transition. We anticipate re-opening as soon as we wrap up a few loose ends.. early spring.

Here's a sampling of new equipment coming to Lakeville Powerlifting:

Atlas Stones up to 250lbs
Log Press Bar
Farmers Walk apparatus
Heavy Tires for flipping
Competition Power Bench
A 2nd Power Rack for squats and bench
A 2nd Deadlift platform

and this is in addition to what we currently have:

Monolift Squat Rack
Competition Bench and Combo Rack
Glute-Ham Developer
Westside Barbell Reverse Hyper
300lb Stack Lat Pulldown
Huge assortment of specialty bench and squat bars - Buffalo Bar, Football Bar, Camber Bar, Fat Bar, Safety Squat Bar..
Iron Wolfe Squat Bar, Texas Power Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar
Dumbbells to 205lbs
Kettlebells to 100lbs
Zercher/Front Squat Harness
Full assortment of Bands & Chains

and most important of all - A FOCUSED TRAINING ATMOSPHERE found at no other commercial gym around. 

If you want to people watch and show off your biceps - this isn't the place for you. 

If you want to get stronger, safely - stay tuned.

Swede Burns - Greg Panora - Brandon Lilly RealStrength Workshop 5/15/16 at Lakeville Powerlifting

Hey all - just a reminder next week I'm going to start firming up attendance for the Brandon Lilly - Swede Burns - Greg Panora RealStrength/Lakeville Powerlifting seminar at Dan Berlin's Iron Way fitness gym in Rockland, MA on May 15.

Greg Panora is a world-record holding powerlifter(formerly training at Westside Barbell) and coach, totaling over 2100 raw and 2600 equipped.

Cory "Swede" Burns is an EliteFTS columnist, coach, accomplished Bodybuilder and Powerlifter, and creator of the ‪#‎5THSET‬ training protocol.

 I've just been informed top coach and athlete Brandon Lilly (creator of the Cube training method) will be attending and rounding out our team of coaches as well!

Here's a link to a 9 minute highlight video from the last seminar we hosted with them back in September.. It was a great time and everyone walked away with some knowledge. All topics are covered from nutrition, to programming, to hands-on technique work on the Squat/Bench/deadlift.. Whether you are a dedicated powerlifter, crossfit, or anywhere in between - it's a good time.

If you are interested - inbox me on FB or email me at and let me know your intentions. Attendance is filling up quickly, and size-limited to keep the seminar/workshop small and hands-on.

$100 via PayPal in advance.

RPS NE Revolution April 2/3 Meet Write-up

Quick update from this weekend's RPS NE Revolution meet.. Hit a 700lb squat PR... Overall the meet was an outstanding turnout by our team, with some great lifting by all.. The meet ran smooth, professional, and was an awesome time. I personally barely made it to the meet, as the strongest person I know (my wife Kellie)was admitted to the hospital with severe dehydration (from battling a virus) on Friday, and didn't get released until this morning.. 

Big props to Gene for allowing me to switch to PM Session on Sunday at the last minute. All of our team members have their own victories and stories to tell, so I'll let them post away.. 

Although the bench didn't go quite as planned - I hit a huge personal 700lb squat PR - which to me was what I was after this weekend. I got what I came for, and I'll be back in October. 

Big thanks to everyone for their support - and especially Fred for being my #1 Handler - I couldn't do it without you man... Nick Tsourounis for coming up from Maryland to visit, Dennis for motivating me that age is just a number, and of course my wife Kellie for her endless support ! 

Oh yeah, and ‪#‎5thset‬ doesn't work for geared lifters.. Haha yea right. Looking forward to getting back training 5th Set this coming offseason! ‪#‎lakevillepowerlifting‬