Sunday, August 30, 2015

7 Weeks out - Squats to 92% RB 660

We are now 7 weeks out of the RPS NE Power Challenge in Everett, MA.

Our meet prep cycle started officially 3 weeks ago, but probably the most crucial weeks are these next 5 weeks, as we crank up the weights and get our body/muscles/CNS accustomed to the heavy work.... laid out as below:

Weeks 7/6 - Heavy Squats/Benches to openers..

Week 5 - Deload

Week 4/3 - Heavy Squats/Benches to 2nd attempts.. some reverse band PRs

Then Weeks 2-1 are basically cruise-in weeks to peak for the meet.

Today we worked up to openers for doubles for raw lifters, and 2nd attempts for singles w/reverse band for equipped lifters. We added in knee wraps for all top/working sets.

Fred went back to his old single-ply Centurion squat suit, and seems to have better form with it.
My Inzer Predator briefs are finally breaking in, and depth is getting much closer.. still high.. but now I at least feel it is "attainable" within the next 3 training weeks.. 

Squats -

Brandon worked up to 385 and 405, 2 reps each set
Brian went 485 and 505, 2 reps each set
Fred went 475, 515, and then 565 reverse band
Nick went 600 for 2 reps, then 660 reverse band

Accessory work-

Close stance piston squats 3x6 (205 lbs)
Stiff Leg Dls - 135, 185, 275
Sled Drags - 4 trips
Rolling Planks - 4x10

Tyler Linster's first meet RPS Southern Mass Blast 2

After joining LPL at the beginning of this year, Tyler decided to do a push-pull (bench/deadlift) meet to get some real baseline meet PRs as well as test his training. Being that there was no squatting in the meet, we decided to use a Smolov Jr bench peaking program to get his bench dialed in, and do some real light deadlift work on occasional days.

Going into the program, Tyler's 1 rep PR was a rough 200lbs. Probably wouldn't have passed in a meet... After 720 reps(see other posts for details on the Smolov Jr routine) later, he crushed his old PR with a 30lb gain, and a final bench attempt of 230lbs. For deadlift, his meet PR was 365lbs.. and finished with another 35lb gain.. and a 400lb deadlift...! Nice job Tyler .. hard work pays off!

Video below:

Monday, August 17, 2015

9 Weeks out Meet Prep.. Squats to 75% / 565lbs

Right now we are 9 weeks out of RPS Powerlifting's NE Power Challenge..

Today was 10% more weight than last session.. took Squats to 75%.

Raw lifters had 3 working sets of 3 reps
Equipped lifters had 2 working sets of 2 reps

We worked on sorting out depth for raw lifters, and driving knees out and staying more upright for equipped lifters...

Me personally, I am planning on opening squat around 650lbs.. going to need at least 600+ to get depth.

I'm happy with all our lifters progress.. with every session our form is improving.. we should start hitting openers/2nd attempts in another 2-3 weeks.

The most important things right now is to get brutally honest with depth and form so there are no surprises and disappointments on the platform. This is one of the most important parts of being a quality training team. Blowing smoke up each other's asses about how deep and great their squat is, does no good when sitting in front of 3 judges on a platform. Our job is to make sure everyone's lifts get passed come meet day.

Brian 445 x 3, Brandon 335 x 3, Fred 475 x 2, Nick 565 x 2


Romanian deadlifts 3x10 - No lockout
135 x 10
225 x 10
315 x 10 x 2

GHRs- 80 Reps

Pause Squats 3 x 6 reps
205lbs 3 x 6

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Light deadlift accessory day.. heading into meet prep

Thursday was a super light day for me has we start meet prep with some 70% squats on Sunday. I just wanted to stay loose and get some back/hamstring work in.

A couple of our lifters won't be able to make it on Sunday, so they started their meet prep today.
Fred is lifting in the equipped class, and Chris will be lifting Raw Classic.

First day of Squat Meet prep :

Squats 70% 3x3  (Fred - 425lbs, Chris - 335lbs)
With Fred lifting equipped, we aren't going to see depth on the squats until about 475lbs, each squat was cut about 2" high right now. Chris lifting raw, did a good job on all his reps of hitting depth.

Pause squats - 6 sets x 6 reps
Dumbbell Lunges - 3 sets x 10 reps
Stir-the-pot ab work - 3 sets x 20 reps (10 to the left, 10 to the right)

For my light deadlift assistance day, I kept it really simple..

Back hyperextensions -
135lbs x 10 reps x 3 sets
225lbs x 10 reps x 1 sets

GHRs -
80 reps

Video below-