Thursday, March 20, 2014

10 Days out - Last Heavy Bench to 435

10 days old.. this is last heavy bench session. Taking my opener to a half-board.
Half-board allows nearly a full-range of motion without all the stress on the CNS of a touch.

I am really happy with this bench tonight.. I was more stable than I ever have been. I took a little while getting to the touch, because I kept my head locked into the bench this time, causing the shirt to remain a bit tighter, and not loosen up in the bottom.

Previously, I would pick up my head as the bar came down, loosening tension, then drive my head back into the bench when I began the press. I am experimenting with keeping it down to improve stability.

Accessory work:
3 sets of 30 Bench Dips
Tricep Band Pressdowns (Crossover) - 50 reps
Band Flyes - 50 Reps

From here on in, its some accessory work on Friday, then rest up for the meet and stay loose!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

2wks out- Last heavy Squat/DL Training 540/500lbs

Today, worked up to opener on Squat (540 x 1)
I got a little over anxious coming out of the hole, lost a bit of control and mis-stepped at the top.

Then, worked up to 500lb Deadlift 500x1

I'll be back in tomorrow to some Core work.. then final heavy bench on Wednesday.

Time to rest, heal, and get mentally prepared for the upcoming meet (3/30)

Friday, March 14, 2014

3 wks out - Accessory work

Speed Squats 50% x 3x3 - 225lbs
Wide lat Pulldowns 3x18 - 140lbs
Barbell Row 3x8 - 225lbs
GHR 3x12
Barbell DOH Shrugs 3x15 - 405lbs
One arm Kettlebell swing - 3x15 - 30lb Kettlebell

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 wks out - Floor presses & Tricep work

Floor press 5x1 - 70% Raw - 245lbs
Close Grip Bench 3x10 - 225lbs
Band Fly - 50 reps
Tricep Band Pushdowns - 50 reps

Sunday, March 9, 2014

65% Squats and pulls

405 + 80lbs chains 5x1

365 5x1

Simple day, but a great training session.. about an hour and 30 worth!

Really focused on speed on pulls. I feel I really destroyed these pulls today.. felt good.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Close stance speed squats and accessories

Close stance squatting (50%) 3x8  - 225lbs
Reverse grip Barbell Rows 3x8 - 225lbs
Dumbbell Shrugs 3x20 - 120 lb dumbbells (Biggest we have..)
Lat pull downs to front 3x12 - 140lbs
GHRs 3x12
Weighted Ab Situps 3x12 w/50lbs plates

Alternating Accessory Day for Post meet Training Cycle

After this meet, here's the plan for my Accessory days..
focusing on two points of improvement:

a. Triceps - to improve bench to break 500lb barrier
b. Lower Back/Lock out - to improve deadlift to break 600lb barrier


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

1 Board max to 480 lbs

1 Bd Max work to 480 lbs.. 425/455/480.. good speed on all lifts.
Learned a valuable lesson.. not to wear my running shoes when benching.. because of the aggressive tread, there is very little surface area, and twice tonight when driving my legs, by foot slipped.
Not good. But better to learn now than at the meet.

Reverse band close grip benching .. 315x3, 365x3

Bench Dips 3x20

Band Flyes - 50 Reps

Sunday, March 2, 2014

3 Training Wks out.. Squats 70%, Deadlifts to 435

Worked my way up to 70% today squatting (about 455lbs figuring on a 625lb training max)

5 sets of singles w/455 with straps down and no knee wraps.
Didn't quite get depth, but 455 is a bit light to hit depth in my suit with. I am confident I will hit depth with attempts 530/560/600.

Deadlifted up to 535 x 1. My planned opener is 500 or 520 and second attempt of 550.