Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November - March Training Plan

Below is my November-March Training Plan.. as you will notice I get into my gear 12 weeks out to make sure there are no problems hitting depth in the squat..
  • Doing Sumo work and Low-Box Squatting Early in cycle to build hip strength and out-of-the hole power..
  • Then moving into a Smolov Jr. Bench-only routine..
  • Then into Box Squats w/Bottoms of suit only..
  • At this time starting a 12 week Shirted Bench routine of Triples/Doubles/Singles
  • Then Full Squats w/Straps up.. 

Smolev Jr.. explained

I didn't invent it.. Hell I didn't even think to use it until someone (Laura!) told me about it..
Smolev Jr. is a 3 week Bench-Only program designed to put 15-20lbs on your raw bench.. it was derived from the Smolev Squat routine, and is slightly "De-tuned" for Bench work.

The basic plan is you Bench 4 times a week, Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat.. each day increasing reps, but decreasing set # so your volume stays fairly constant each day of the week.. then each of the 3 weeks, you kick it up 10lbs the first week, and 5 lbs the second.. the percentages are all based upon your current 1RM max..

During the Smolov Bench routine, there is no accessory work, nor legs/other body part work. Also, it is not recommended to try and cut weight during the 3 week cycle. Your body needs to focus on recovery and strength building.. and take it from me.. once you hit week 2.. there will be no energy for additional body parts or accessories!!

It is not recommended to run this routine one-time-after-another.. You can run it multiple times, but always deload a few weeks in between.... 

example below:

Smolov Jr.

1RM 325

Add LBs Wk 2 10

Add LBs Wk 3 15

Week 1

Mon 6x6 230
Wed 7x5 245
Fri 8x4 260
Sat 10x3 275

Week 2

Mon 6x6 240
Wed 7x5 255
Fri 8x4 270
Sat 10x3 285

Week 3

Mon 6x6 245
Wed 7x5 260
Fri 8x4 275
Sat 10x3 290  

Friday, October 26, 2012

RPS Power Challenge Meet 10/21 Update

My RPS powerlifting meet update for all my friends who couldn't make it:

So today was a learning experience. Lol. What did i learn?

A. I spent the last 6 months getting stronger. And no doubt I did, but the only equipped squatting I did was with the straps down...

 B. My non-adjustable straps inzer champion which fit me at 260, no longer fits me at 274. Retrospect?
Needed to spend more time w straps up finding out what it took to get down. 525, although light on the way up - just couldn't get down. Nonetheless it was another awesome RPS  meet hosted by Gene and Ame!

  The squat suit I have was given to me by another lifter who inherited it from someone else. It was made for a 220-230lb lifter. At 260 last year I made it work. At 272 this year, plus i added size in my shoulders, it didn't anymore. I should have put the suit on earlier in my training cycle so I would have found it out I couldn't hit depth. What happens is, as you squat down, the tension in the shoulder straps increase, and if the suit is too small, it will bind or lock up before parallel.. Then the further u drop down, all it does is pull your shoulders forward and make u lean forward, and u never break parallel.

Newer suits, (and I just bought one!) have Velcro straps so u can adjust tension and hit depth. What the suit did was turn my 525 squat into a squat and a good morning as it threw me forward. The good news is I had plenty of strength, I good morning the 525 back up and squatted it 3 times no problem.. As far as the other lifts, once u bomb out, you don't continue - sometimes they let u, but its not smart to continue w bench and deadlift at my age, and utilizing 400-600lbs. All I would be doing is risking injury, with no chance of totalling or setting a record because my lifts wouldn't count because I missed the squat all 3 times...

Everythings a learning experience! See the video below for one of my 525 attempts.. bar speed was good, weight was light.. just couldnt hit depth!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 2012 - March 2013 MesoCycle

My next competition will be at the RPS 2013 New England Revolution, held at Next Level Fitness, 12 Industrial Lane, Johnston RI 02919 on March 23 and 24th, 2013.

Below is my training MesoCycle for the next 6 months.. What is a MesoCycle? It is a general layout and scheduling of my workouts - not the exact workouts out I will do, but rather what body parts I will cycle and focus on over that period of time. As you can see I have two "3 week Bench Specific" Smolev Jr. routines I am hitting during October and November. I feel I have neglected my Raw Bench over the last year or so, and I am looking to push that up close to 400lbs raw.

What is the Smolev Jr Bench Routine? Stay tuned and I'll explain...