Friday, June 5, 2015

How we cycle our training

We basically train in 5 week rotational blocks as follows:

Week 1-  higher rep range (either 5 or 15 reps depending on cycle)
Week 2- lower rep range (either 3 or 12 reps)
Week 3- Deload everything around 60% for a few singles, light accessory work
Week 4- Beat week 1
Week 5- Beat week 2

When in the Accomodating Resistance block, we use 50% and 55% for weeks 1/2 AND weeks 3/4 but rather than increasing the bar weight, the band or chain weight is increased for the second half of the block. During this block we will usually use variety in our presses/squats such as floor presses w/chain for bench, and camber squat bar w/bands off a box for squat.

Block 1:   Volume work (12-15 Reps)

Block 2:   Low Rep (3-5 Reps)

Block 3:   Low Rep / Accommodating Resistance (2-5 Reps + Bands/Chains)

Each block consists of 5 weeks as described above.. So to complete all 3 blocks of Volume/Low Rep/Acccomodating resistance will take approximately 15 weeks.. Then we will usually move into a 10 week meet prep cycle.

Deadlift work is done in a separate, 6 week cycles as follows:

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