Saturday, July 18, 2015

Heavy deadlift singles off 3.5" blocks to 605

Tonight was an exciting night for most of the team, taking heavy singles off a 3.5" block.. this would be a good test day for the last 12 weeks of dedicated deadlift training to see what kind of progress we've made.

Being only 13 weeks out of our next meet, RPS NE Power Challenge, we didn't want to max-out off the floor because of the added CNS stress and always-present chance of injury heading into a 10 week meet prep. Typically its about a 15-25lbs difference from a 3.5" block pull to a floor pull.. but its still a good measure of judgement because we all knew where we were before we began out 12 weeks of deadlift focal work.

Speaking for myself, I was working with 500lbs for 5 reps off the 3.5" blocks at the beginning of our cycle, probably coming out to around a 560-570lb 1 rep max off the 3.5" blocks. (About right, considering I pulled 550 from the floor at least meet in March).. That being I hit a nice PR pull tonight of 605lbs.. really excited about this, because thats about 35-40lbs of progress in 12 weeks. Based on this, I'll probably open my 1st deadlift attempt around 520, then 560-570 for 2nd attempt, then 580-600 for 3rd attempt depending how I feel on meet day.

Most everyone else hit real nice PRs as well..

Beginning of Cycle:

Brandon 405lbs off floor
Brian 500lbs off floor
Nick 550lbs off floor

End of 12 weeks:

Brandon 515lbs off 3.5" block
Brian 585lbs off 3.5" block
Nick 605lbs off 3.5" block

.. Thats some good progress!

We are going to wrap up our Bands/Chains this week.. take a short deload and head into meet prep from here!

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