Sunday, April 10, 2016

RPS NE Revolution April 2/3 Meet Write-up

Quick update from this weekend's RPS NE Revolution meet.. Hit a 700lb squat PR... Overall the meet was an outstanding turnout by our team, with some great lifting by all.. The meet ran smooth, professional, and was an awesome time. I personally barely made it to the meet, as the strongest person I know (my wife Kellie)was admitted to the hospital with severe dehydration (from battling a virus) on Friday, and didn't get released until this morning.. 

Big props to Gene for allowing me to switch to PM Session on Sunday at the last minute. All of our team members have their own victories and stories to tell, so I'll let them post away.. 

Although the bench didn't go quite as planned - I hit a huge personal 700lb squat PR - which to me was what I was after this weekend. I got what I came for, and I'll be back in October. 

Big thanks to everyone for their support - and especially Fred for being my #1 Handler - I couldn't do it without you man... Nick Tsourounis for coming up from Maryland to visit, Dennis for motivating me that age is just a number, and of course my wife Kellie for her endless support ! 

Oh yeah, and ‪#‎5thset‬ doesn't work for geared lifters.. Haha yea right. Looking forward to getting back training 5th Set this coming offseason! ‪#‎lakevillepowerlifting‬

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