Sunday, April 1, 2012

GAME DAY. RPS Powerlifting Meet 3/31 - Next Level Fitness RI

Ok, all 39 videos are still be processed! I am going to make this a quick entry right now, with a vid of my 405 bench opener because its all I have done right now .. but everyone on the team did AWESOME!

Here's some highlight stats:

Kellie - New Squat PR @ 225 and Deadlift at 265
Laura - New Deadlift PR @ 300,  Bench PR 125
Fred - New Squat PR @ 505, Bench 365, Deadlift 530
Dan - New Squat PR @ 415, Deadlift 520 (181 RAW)
Justin - New Squat PR 235, Deadlift 350  (1st meet)

With my back healing, I mostly did the coaching and handling for all!
Long 15 hour day with two sessions, but I was able to bang out at least my 405 opener! No complaints here!

More videos will follow .. some pics below...  check for updates!

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