Friday, April 13, 2012

Mon 4/9 - Lower Back Rehab Cycle 1

I am substituting 2 Rehab workouts for my Max Effort lower Monday workouts for the next 4 weeks to get my lower back fully rehabbed and ready for some serious Max Effort work in May.

4 sets of 20, using 25, 30, 30, 35lbs ... Standing Lateral Cable Pulls.. these are done using a low pulley with a handle, and holding the handle in your hand, while leaning and tilting in the opposite direction while pulling the handle up using your torso and not your arm..

4 sets- 80lbs x 20, 80x20, 95x10, 95x15 of Cable Sumo Pulls.. these are essentially Sumo style deadlifts from a straddled low pulley setup.. just working on rehabbing my lower back..

4 sets- 0x10, 10lbsx10 (3sets) of Glute Ham Raises.. to keep my Hamstrings strong thru my rehab period.. I don't want to lose too much max-effort strength..

4 sets of Side Planks, 15 reps each.. these are a great exercise for strengthening the lateral stabilizing muscles of the lower back.. specifically that quadratus lombortum that I strained..

4 sets of Weighted Situps.. with 50lb plates for sets of 15.. good core exercise here.. to keep the core strong.. this is key in preventing future injuries..

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