Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SPF Powerlifting Meet - Boston Barbell 3/17/2013

Sunday was my SPF Powerlifting meet.. below is the write up..

I went into this meet a little unsure about my squat depth in the Titan Super Centurion squat suit. We have been working for the last 6 weeks on getting to depth, and I am just about there. The main focus in my mind was hitting my opening squat. I set my opener to 475 which is very light for me, I figured I'd go with something that was very light, but heavy enough to get depth in. Then the plan was to go to 525 for 2nd attempt and 550 for 3rd attempt. The 475 Opener get 2 out of 3 white lights.. Good lift! Now the pressure of bombing out was off. I went for 525 for both 2nd and 3rd attempts and could not achieve depth with it. Oh well, something to work on for next meet.. at least I'm in the meet!

As far as benching, Derek my partner did a great job getting my Titan Super Katana bench shirt on, and I set 2 meet PRs.. I went 405 opener, then 425 (PR) for a 2nd attempt, then hit 440 for a strong 3rd attempt! I think I actually had another 10-15lbs in the tank!

Last came deadlift, I opened with a confident 500lbs which went up fast.. then went to 530 which went up good, but was a little grinder at the lock out.. after that I didn't want to push it so I called it quits rather than battling 550lbs.

All in all, I'm happy with the results at 1445 total.. and I know there is another 75-125lbs in there once I figure out the technique better in my suit! Next weekend is my RPS meet, where I'll try to beat my totals by 10lbs on each lift.

Video below

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