Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bench Press w/Slingshot

Last night we worked with the Slingshot from Mark Bell.. if you haven't read my earlier posts, its an elastic band which allows you to overload the mid/top of your bench press by giving you rebound off the bottom.. link below-

The slingshot give gives you about 10% over your 1RM max, but what I found is it actually works better (For me anyway) when I use it NOT to bench heavier weights, but rather to increase the rep range of weights I can already do.. here's an example-

Raw, I can Bench 315lbs for about 4 clean Reps... when I use the Slingshot, I can bench 315 for 8-10 reps.. I've found this more effective than using it to hit a higher 1RM..

Right now my raw 1RM is 350lbs.. with the slingshot its 385.. but I don't train it that way.

Worked up to 315x2 Raw as a warm up
345x5 (Slingshot)
365x3 (Slingshot)
315x8 (Slingshot)
315x8 (Slingshot)

then we followed up with some hi-rep Tricep pushdown work for 20-25 reps.. and some high, mid-grip seated back rows to the upper chest to build a strong, big upper back.

Next wednesday, I'll be back in my shirt for some heavy doubles to a 1/2 board.. looking to do:

...we'll see how it works out!

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