Friday, April 12, 2013

RPS Powerlifting meet.. and beyond

So one week after my SPF meet, I also did the RPS Powerlifting meet at Ocean State Fitness in Johnston RI. Yep, most would call me crazy. Two meets in two weeks at 40 years old. Well, I had something to prove to myself.. namely I simply wanted to total in both meets without bombing out due to squat depth.

Mission accomplished.

I opened real light. Probably the lightest i could get to depth in my Titan Super Centurion suit.. 475lbs. Made one mistake - I tried something new on meet day. I tried a dip at the "Up" command to try and get even deeper. I ended doing a bounce up and down. Red light, no lift because I went up and down.

2nd attempt -  same 475, no dip - green light.

Waived 3rd attempt. I wasn't really interested in hitting anything heavier at this point. just conserving energy and wanted to make it thru my meet.

Bench - opened w/425 - green light. (This was my second attempt from the SPF meet)
2nd attempt - 450 - made the lift but the grind at the top ended up being a reverse direction red light call. I'll make this weight next time.
3rd attempt - 450 - i was smoked at this time. couldn't lock it.

Deadlift- 1 attempt - 500 - green light. Wrapped up the meet with 1400.
I was happy to make it thru 2 meets in 2 weeks with totals and no injury.

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