Saturday, February 8, 2014

RPS Power Challenge Meet 10/13 and Updates from the past year..

Well, its been nearly a year since I posted last.. I guess "real life" gets in the way sometimes hahaha..
Anyhow, I'll give you the cliff-notes version.. last time we spoke I had just finished up my March meet(s).. (2 in 2 weeks).. my PRs at those meets were:

475 Squat
440 Bench
520 Deadlift

In May of 2013 I decided to hire someone professional to write my programming (Training) and critique my form/etc.. I ended up hooking up with Brian Carroll, who is a world record squat holder in the 275lb class at over 1100lbs.. (I think 1175!)

Although it cost me some money, I paid for 20 weeks at a time, I can honestly say I have made the biggest gains of my lifting career of the last 9 months or so following his training. He provides me with 10 weeks of training routines at a time, and I email him about once a week or so, and send him Videos of the key lifts for him to critique.. fast forward to October 2013.. following his routines, I went into the October 2013 RPS Power Challenge meet feeling fresh, ready, and prepared..

Ended up setting PRs in all 3 lifts:

540 Squat
470 Bench
540 Deadlift

3rd Attempt Deadlift - 575lbs (Miss)

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