Tuesday, April 1, 2014

3/30/14 RPS NE Revolution Powerlifting Meet

Sunday 3/30 was my powerlifting meet.. and all went as good, or better than expectations..

I headed up on Saturday to help my son and friends compete in the 220 and under classes.. It was great to watch everyone hit good PRs... some highlights were Laura Rinke, totalling 820 at 132lbs, and Dan Berlin deadlifting 580 at only 181lbs..

Onto Sunday..

Opened up with a text book 530lbs.. all went well.
2nd Attempt.. 570lbs.. should have been fairly easy, but I wasn't used to the straps being cranked down, and I got thrown forward a bit and lost my footing. NO LIFT.
3rd Attempt..570lbs.. Good lift (30lbs PR).. still got cranked forward, but caught myself.

Lesson learned: Train in tight straps so I can get used to arching harder into the bar and staying back.

Opened with an easy 430lbs. 3 white lights.
2nd attempt 460lbs.. a bit of a grinder at top.. good lift.
3rd attempt 485lbs (15lbs PR) .. grinder.. GOOD LIFT!
There's a bit of story to this 3rd attempt.. I had told my handler Fred Mackinnon to put in 480, and he kicked me up an extra 5lbs without me knowing it to 485lbs..

Opened with an easy 500lbs to get in the meet at hit a 5 lb overall PR at 1555.
2nd attempt .. PR 545lbs good lift, good speed.. 1600 lb PR Total.

Overall real happy with this 50lb total PR, and PRing in every lift!

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