Saturday, April 5, 2014

Goals for Summer/Next meet Oct 2014

So next meet is a good distance away. I figured id share some of my personal goals...

Obviously hitting 1700 is a nice mark to shoot for, but honestly more important to me would be to break solidly into the 600s on the squat and 500s on the bench in the same 3 year old single ply stuff. That would mean I am getting stronger.

If I can pull that off before making the switch to multiply, I think we can see some real nice gains once I do.

My deadlift we will continue to grow and I should be knocking on the door of 600 raw.

I did some more analyzing of my squat, and I realized the difference between my first and second attempts were that we tightened up the straps which I think contributed to throwing me forward. I need to do more training work with the straps tighter.

I always did my training work straps up ... but they were always set real loose. Mistake.

... Just some thoughts for the summer..

Missed Squat 2nd attempt.. lost footing..thrown forward..

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