Thursday, March 20, 2014

10 Days out - Last Heavy Bench to 435

10 days old.. this is last heavy bench session. Taking my opener to a half-board.
Half-board allows nearly a full-range of motion without all the stress on the CNS of a touch.

I am really happy with this bench tonight.. I was more stable than I ever have been. I took a little while getting to the touch, because I kept my head locked into the bench this time, causing the shirt to remain a bit tighter, and not loosen up in the bottom.

Previously, I would pick up my head as the bar came down, loosening tension, then drive my head back into the bench when I began the press. I am experimenting with keeping it down to improve stability.

Accessory work:
3 sets of 30 Bench Dips
Tricep Band Pressdowns (Crossover) - 50 reps
Band Flyes - 50 Reps

From here on in, its some accessory work on Friday, then rest up for the meet and stay loose!

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