Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 weeks out from RPS Everett, MA Meet 10/11

Well its been quite awhile since I updated this blog, so I figured it was as good a time as any to get my ass going again with my posts.

Quick update on whats been going on since my last April '14 post. As you probably know, I've been training following Brian Carroll's 10/20/Life for the last 16 months with great success. April - July '14 has been my "Off Season" training.. where focus strictly on building raw strength, no gear, very little 1 rep maxes, and just overall strength building, bulking up, and enjoying all facets of my life.

The overall program run basically 2-3 weeks at a time, then a 1 wk deload week.. rotating the main lifts between 3-8 rep work, and sometimes even putting all 3 lifts (Sq/Be/DL) into the same day for overall conditioning work. Its been great.

Its August 13th now, and we are 10, actually 9 training weeks out of the meet. I got back into the squat suit last night for the first time since march, (blew off the dust haha) and following Brian Carroll's programming, it was Squat and DL's for 2 sets of 3 reps at 75%.

Figuring on a 620lb Training Max for Squat, I went with a 465x3x2 with the straps down on squat suit, and no knee wraps.. using only knee sleeves.
  • Overall felt great - squats were high, but I don't usually hit depth until I'm north of 500lbs.
  •  I need to make sure I am making my first move into the bar with my shoulders out of the hole, rather than just driving my hips. This will be even further a concern once I put the knee wraps on because they will make my legs shoot up faster. Getting forward on the squat is what caused me to miss by 2nd attempt squat back in March and take a step forward. Based on this I am going to try and get in the knee wraps more often, but its also dependent when I can round up my training partners to wrap my knees.. as self-wrapping with a suit on at 275lb bw is near impossible. (or damn funny anyhow if I pass out)

Figuring on a conservative 575lb deadlift, I went with a 415lb deadlift x3x2.
Deadlifts felt real good all around. I made sure I did full-resets with each rep.
I was happy I kept my back in position and tight, and stayed back on my lifts..
Stay tuned for next session benching .. 

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