Sunday, February 8, 2015

7 Weeks out - Squats to 615 w/RB

Today was the first time going straps-up in my new Metal Jack squat suit... I'm actually pretty happy with the results. The key I've found is to set your arch hard, and drive those knees out. Lock the upper body in position.. break at the hips..and drive the knees out.

All my squats were a little high, but I have 7 weeks to dial it in.. again being the first day putting the straps up - I'll take it.

All my sets were done with knee sleeves only, but I threw on the knee wraps for the last set of 615.
Felt great. At this point I'm looking at a 600lb opener, and we will see where we go from there.

I try not to be overly optimistic in my thinking. :)

315x3 Straps down
405x2 Straps down
455x1 Straps up
500x1 Straps up
565x1 Straps up
615x1 RB Straps up, Knee Wraps

Narrow Stance Squats:
225x6 x 3

225x6 x 3

Up and Down Planks:
3x15 reps

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