Monday, April 13, 2015

Heading into Week 2 of Volume work

I really looked forward to this 5 week volume cycle as nice change up from the usual heavy 3-5 rep stuff. Getting under some lighter weights and training somewhat like a bodybuilder (eek) gives my CNS (central nervous system)time to recover from all the heavy meet lifts, but still exhaust my muscles and build strength.

Everything last week was 12 reps.. this week is 15 reps.. and DOMS/Soreness is definitely kicking in with all this volume work.. quite a bit more than I usually feel with the low rep heavy stuff.

We're also doing a ton of GHRs.. trying to work up to 600 reps per month. 

Yesterday we did some 15 rep squats, then some pause work while one of our new team members worked on establishing his 1RM baseline Squat of 500lbs raw no-wraps. Great job! Finished up with some wide stance Good Mornings w/SSB, Leg Extensions against Bands, and Sled Drags (Nice weather!!!).

Thursday will be some 12-15 rep benching, incline work, and then deadlift specialty work on Friday. Like I said in an earlier post I really want to work on my deadlift this cycle and get a meet pull over 600lbs. I've been following George Leeman's "Best Deadlift Assistance" work on Fridays, as outlined in his video below.

He's one of the best pullers in the world, and its worth checking it out. Below is the video, and how I worked it into my training:

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