Sunday, April 19, 2015

Some updates on GHR/Hamstring Work...

It's well known throughout the powerlifting world that GHRs are one of the best training exercises for building bullet-proof hamstrings... but up until about 4 weeks ago, we didn't have access to a GHR because good ones are over $1000.. if you've been following along, you know I scored a great deal on a used heavy-duty model for a reasonable price, and I wanted to update everyone on what I've found.

First week we did them, they were torture. I mean this was obviously a weak point for me. I BARELY got 10 reps. Probably more like 7 or 8 clean, and my hamstring tie-in near the knee was sore as can be for a few days.. but I stuck with them.. using them as finishing accessory work on all my lower body days.. slowly they got better.

After about a week,  I could get 10 reps clean.. After about 2 weeks, I was getting to 12 reps, but they were "feeling" much better. I could feel them working the hamstrings the way they should.. my speed was improving..

Now about 4 weeks later, I'm up to 20-25-30 reps per set and my hamstrings just "feel strong." When I get on the GHR I can crank out the first 10 reps with a ton of power.. I am very curious to see how this carries over to my heavy squatting and deadlifting this cycle. I've made a personal goal to really focus on the deadlift which I have been "babying" since my back muscle strain in 2012. I don't like to post "what I am going to do, etc etc" but my personal goal is get a 600lb pull in competition by October.

We've setup a monthly training goal of 600 GHR Reps per month... in fact we are all pushing each other to see who can get to 600 reps first. I have a strange feeling that goal is going to be moving up to 800 reps and 1000 reps per month shortly hahahhahha...

According to my friend Andy Vale over at Strength & Health Gym in Smithfield, RI and the old Soviet Training manuals.. 600 reps.. thats just "maintenance work" for them. Ha.

If and when you feel you have built up a strong set of hamstrings, check out this Youtube video below showing a GHR Variation called "Welsh Dragon Curls." One of our team members, Brian Custodio showed me this video the other day, and no - I can't do them.. but I figured I'd share them.. because they are the ultimate Hamstring Destroyer lol..

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  1. i could do 1 straight face to the floor both hamstrings blown out call the emt,s all done