Sunday, August 30, 2015

7 Weeks out - Squats to 92% RB 660

We are now 7 weeks out of the RPS NE Power Challenge in Everett, MA.

Our meet prep cycle started officially 3 weeks ago, but probably the most crucial weeks are these next 5 weeks, as we crank up the weights and get our body/muscles/CNS accustomed to the heavy work.... laid out as below:

Weeks 7/6 - Heavy Squats/Benches to openers..

Week 5 - Deload

Week 4/3 - Heavy Squats/Benches to 2nd attempts.. some reverse band PRs

Then Weeks 2-1 are basically cruise-in weeks to peak for the meet.

Today we worked up to openers for doubles for raw lifters, and 2nd attempts for singles w/reverse band for equipped lifters. We added in knee wraps for all top/working sets.

Fred went back to his old single-ply Centurion squat suit, and seems to have better form with it.
My Inzer Predator briefs are finally breaking in, and depth is getting much closer.. still high.. but now I at least feel it is "attainable" within the next 3 training weeks.. 

Squats -

Brandon worked up to 385 and 405, 2 reps each set
Brian went 485 and 505, 2 reps each set
Fred went 475, 515, and then 565 reverse band
Nick went 600 for 2 reps, then 660 reverse band

Accessory work-

Close stance piston squats 3x6 (205 lbs)
Stiff Leg Dls - 135, 185, 275
Sled Drags - 4 trips
Rolling Planks - 4x10

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