Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tyler Linster's first meet RPS Southern Mass Blast 2

After joining LPL at the beginning of this year, Tyler decided to do a push-pull (bench/deadlift) meet to get some real baseline meet PRs as well as test his training. Being that there was no squatting in the meet, we decided to use a Smolov Jr bench peaking program to get his bench dialed in, and do some real light deadlift work on occasional days.

Going into the program, Tyler's 1 rep PR was a rough 200lbs. Probably wouldn't have passed in a meet... After 720 reps(see other posts for details on the Smolov Jr routine) later, he crushed his old PR with a 30lb gain, and a final bench attempt of 230lbs. For deadlift, his meet PR was 365lbs.. and finished with another 35lb gain.. and a 400lb deadlift...! Nice job Tyler .. hard work pays off!

Video below:

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