Tuesday, May 24, 2016

More updates on new facility

Well.. I'll give you the cliff notes version. Thought we were all set with the lease.. good credit.. money in hand..agreed on terms.. then at the last minute the landlord told us he didn't want a fitness facility in the property because he felt it would damage the floors. Honestly, I have no problem with his decision, but I wish he didn't wait 3 weeks to make the decision after we had agreed on terms, and I secured a business license, etc.

Good news?

Looks like lady luck is in our corner.. another property became available just a few hundred yards down the same road in Middleboro, and we agreed on terms today. They will be taking down a wall to open the space up a bit, plus installing a new front door and some fresh paint. At this point it looks like a July 1 move in. Its not as big as the other place, and not as big as I had hoped for - but this can be Lakeville Powerlifting 1.5 and if we continue to grow.. we can always expand down the road.

This facility will be larger than what we have now and be able to handle all of our equipment, plus the additional competition bench we have coming.

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