Saturday, August 16, 2014

10 Wk out RPS- Bench 75%x3x2

Figuring on a max bench of 500, 75% comes in at 385, but that was a little light for my training, so I upped my working sets to 405.

On my last warm up (first shirted lift) of 385x2, it sure was a wake up call lol of being back in the gear.. first time since march.. I unracked the weight, paused for a second, and all my cues started playing back in my head.. ok.. elbows out..keep the shirt tight.. spread the bar..use the lats..lift the head..dont overflare.

It was like a light switch went on in my head. Anyhow.. speed was really good, weight felt super light. I can still improve my overall tightness, and locking my legs in. I want to try and get my feet further apart, and rotate my knees and heels out.

One thing I have been trying to incorporate are little pauses at the top and bottom of the reps. (more so at the top).. Time under Tension, and staying under control all work to help the overall lift.

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