Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week 7 Squats/Pulls to 605

7 weeks out now.. back from Vacation. Time to get some work in, and get comfortable back in my squat suit.

Today's training was 555x2, and 605x2 Reverse Band. I drove down to my friend Andy Vale's gym Strength and Health over in Smithfield, RI so I could train on his monolift and with him and his great crew. I've got to say, the Strength and Health guys are a class act. Exactly how powerlifters should be. Although I've known Andy for a couple of years, we haven't trained a ton, and I know a bunch of the crew - but really just from training there a few times over the years, and seeing them at meets... but the minute I walked in it felt like I had trained there forever.

Everyone jumped in, helped wrap my knees, two side-spots, a back spot, and Andy Vale worked the mono. Man, it just felt right. Again, great team of lifters there - and I really appreciate the opportunity to train there..

Back to my training.. my planned attempts are 560, 600, 620 at the meet, so we setup 555 for a double, and it went well. (No video, sorry)

Then we put up 605 as a second attempt with a light reverse band, for another double, and it went good. Video below. Still working on my balance/comfort in the monolift - but it will come. I was a bit high here, but we are going to dial in the depth next week. This week I just wanted to get some heavy weight on my back and get my CNS used to it.

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