Thursday, November 20, 2014

Getting the new Metal Jack Bench shirt ready...

Although I'm a few weeks away from getting into a shirt again, I can't keep my hands off...

Up until now, I've had the same single-ply bench shirt for 3 years - a Titan Super Katana. It's been a good shirt for me, and my best meet PR was 485 in it, and my best gym PR was a 500... But time has taken its toll on this shirt, and it's lost most of its pop. (It's stretched out) Anything over a year or two out of a shirt is on borrowed time. I've done over 12 meets in this shirt.

So I decided to take that dance with the devil so to speak and step up to a multi-ply Metal Jack shirt. First impressions? What a monster. It makes my Katana feel like toilet paper ... The material on this shirt is a solid 1/8" thick.. The seams are about 1/4" thick. Definitely going to take some breaking-in and adjusting period to make this shirt work. Just from trying it on a few times, it's going to look like a mid 500s shirt just to make a touch. My next meet is at the end of March, so hopefully I'll have this thing tuned up by then.

I've spoken to a few friends who wear Jacks and they all agree it's important to stretch the shirt out properly, and sometimes trim the sleeves.

Here's a YouTube video by Pro Powerlifter, EliteFTS athlete Joey Bench of Nebo Barbell who explains it in detail:

 So now.. Here my shirt sits.. Footballs in sleeves.. Waiting until the time is right to take this thing for a ride..

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