Saturday, November 22, 2014

Rehband Knee Sleeve Review

After about 4 years with my old Inzer adjustable knee sleeves.. it became time to get a new pair.. The Inzers come with 3 adjustable straps on each one and served me well. The reason I am replacing them is because the rubber strands are beginning to break/tear, and the seams are beginning to come apart.

If you search online, everyone seems to be buying the Rehbands.. so I figured I'd give them a shot.

First off, the big difference is these Knee Sleeves are neoprene, where as the Inzers are a fabric/rubber weave. Think about a wrist wrap or knee wrap.. thats the kind of material the Inzers are. The Rehbands are a much thicker material than the Inzers.


Why do I wear knee wraps? Not  for carryover. If you are looking for carryover into your squat, go buy knee wraps. I wear sleeves to give my 42 year old knees a bit more stability, and keep them warm during sets. They seem to make my knees feel more confident and tight.

They tell you to measure right over the patella. (Knee Cap) .. my knees are around 37 cm around. Based on the size chart, that puts met right in the middle of a Large. I figured that was about right. I'm 275lbs and 6' tall.. I don't buy many things that aren't at least a Large. In retrospect, I probably should have sized down to a medium. When I put these on, they were snug, but definitely not tight. I'm hoping they don't stretch out much, or they will end up slipping down, or really losing their support. (Support is great right now, just hoping it doesn't stretch....)

I wore them for the first time last night during my squat session, and they felt great. There was a solid feeling of support and stability about my knees. I always felt tight and confident with them. Again, there really is no carryover here. Its about confidence with your knees and stability/warmth. I rate these a 10. I like them better than my old Inzers. (Even when they were new) .. While the Inzers gave me some support, they were nowhere near as thick as these, and the material did not make your knees feel "Warm" like the Neoprene does.

Probably should have sized to a medium, but lets see what happens. Right now - they are working great, and I would highly recommend them.

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