Saturday, November 15, 2014

Some updates on the gym..

I've been working hard the last few weeks converting my 2 car garage into a powerlifting gym.. its coming along. I installed 3/4" Horse stall mats throughout and just finished building a 3x7.5 deadlift platform.
Still waiting on the combination bench/power rack. Once that comes in, we will be ready to roll.

I've put together some good bars:

  • Texas Power Bar (For squatting and benching)
  • Texas Deadlift Bar
  • McDonald Camber Bar
  • EliteFTS Safety-squat Bar (more on this awesome bar later...)
Some other items:
  • 12" Squat Box + Mats
  • 150lbs Chains
  • Full set of Elite FTS Bands
  • Dumbbells 7.5lbs - 110lbs
  • A couple Kettlebells
  • Rogue Sled
  • 1000lbs+ of plates
I am working on getting a couple more bars - the EliteFTS Swiss bar (see video below) for benching/floor pressing, and a dedicated Iron Wolfe Squat Bar. Need to save up a few bucks.. not easy considering the holidays are right around the corner..

The last big piece I want to get is a commercial-quality Glute Ham Developer. This is a core item for developing a big squat and deadlift. Nothing hits the hams like a GHR.

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