Monday, November 24, 2014

Some speed squats and sumo work..

I'm still rehabbing my Hamstring.. so I'm working on a 5 week linear progression switching off between Sumo and Conventional deadlifting. From there I'll shoot into a quick 5 week off-season bulk, then a modified 10 week meet prep.

Conventional pulling is my go-to form for meets and max PRs, but whenever I want my squat to shoot up, I know I need to train the sumo. I've found Sumo deadlifting really strengthens the hips.

Lately, we've also been doing a ton of work with the Safety Squat Bar and Sled Drags.. so when combining those two with the sumo work... I should be setting myself nicely for a good meet prep cycle once I jump back in the gear.

Tonight Fred worked the SSB for 245x3x5 for some speed work, and you can really see how the bar moves the weight around on you. The goal is to keep the pads parallel to the ground, which is tough because the weight wants to throw you forward.

I did some speed pulls 315x3x3 Sumo.

Finished this up with 10 Sled Drags

Some reverse flyes sets of 20x3 sets

Quad band extensions 3 sets of 20

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