Tuesday, September 16, 2014

4wks Out- Reverse Band squats to 635

Today I took a field trip up to my buddy's gym, Iron Way Fitness in Rockland, MA to train with Dan Berlin and Craig Kelly.

I don't have a big crew I train with regularly, other than my steady partner Fred Mackinnon - so sometimes when I can't get a spot or team to lift with I need to travel.. and today was one of those days.. It was long overdue anyhow.. Dan Berlin is a good friend of mine, who opened his gym about 2 years ago, and I had never gotten up there to see it..

Dan is a real strong 181 Raw lifter, and his totals have been consistently going up.. with a current PRs of squat in the mid 400's, Bench mid 300's, and a 580 deadlift.

Dan and Craig are running a modified Smolov Squat Peaking routine, so they were hitting 10 sets of 405x3 reps.. talk about fatigue!

My plan was:

405x3 (Bottoms only)
455x1 (Straps up, no wraps)
500x1 (Straps up, wraps)
565x1 (Opening attempt squat)
605x1 (Reverse Band)
635x1 (Reverse Band)

Planned attempts are 560-600-620..

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