Monday, September 1, 2014

6wks out.. 605x1 RB with calling depth.

Today's session I learned a lot. Its such a team effort like people say. My first set (no vid) was 560x1, and it was just way off. Didn't feel right, unrack was bad, bad balance, hard to hit depth, just a mess. My main training partner (Fred Mackinnon) noticed I was setting up way too wide in the rack, especially with the bar bending, for a walkout.

Most of my training time is spent in the 500-545 range, so with 605 on the bar there was more bar bend than I was used to as well..

(Part of this probably also because I squatted last week on a monolift..)  I kept hitting the rack when trying to walk it out, and I was losing my upper back tightness. Anyhow, we put it back together, pulled my head out my ass, and put together a much better set at 605.

Big props to Dan Berlin, owner of Iron Way Gym, and Craig Kelly for the assistance!

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