Thursday, September 4, 2014

6 Wks out - Benching to 485lbs

Gotta post the good with the bad right?
Tonight, I barely made it to training, as sometimes real life (3 kids) gets in the way.. but being able to roll with the obstacles real-life throws at you has kept me going at this game for long-term. I can't get to a dedicated powerlifting gym often, so my training is often at the Y. Gotta take what you can get, but as long as I can get there 3 days a week I'm happy. My steady training partner got stuck at work, so we only had about 25 minutes to cram in the 5 sets of shirted benching, but we had to do what we had to do. Needless to say, the sets were rushed without a lot of cool-down.. I guess we can call it powerlifting cardio..
Both sets - I need to continually work on overall tightness
Set 1(455) - Crappy handoff, way too high, my bar-path was off, but I was able to put a clean lift together. (Planned opener is 450)
Set 2(485) - I rushed this set. My upper back got loose at the top, and I overflared at lock-out. (Planned second attempt is 480)
Ready for my deload.. and come back and wrap up the last 4 training weeks..

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