Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2 Wks out - Opening Squat and Deadlift Attempts

We added 20lbs to the bar when squatting tonight to simulate the 65lb bar used in the warmup room at RPS meets. One big thing I've learned is to train like you compete..  including warm-up rituals.

I like to base my warm-ups on even-plate jumps.

The more variables I can take out of the meet, the better I should perform. I don't want to walk into the meet wondering how I am going to warm up. My warm up lifts need to be mapped out just like the opening attempts.

Bar x 3
155 x 3
245 x 3
335 x 1 (raw w/sleeves)
425 x 1 (straps down, w/sleeves)
475 x 1 (straps up, w/sleeves)
515 x 1 (straps up, w/knee wraps)
560 x 1 (Opener) (it was actually 570x1, my math was bad hahaha)

505x1 (Opener)

I've found with deadlifts, especially after squatting (I'm already warmed up), I don't respond well to a lot of warm-up reps. Some people do, but I don't - I do better saving the energy for the platform.
If I'm deadlifting without squatting first, then I'll take the 135s and 225s x3 reps.

I really like the pre-meet programming which has me taking both the squat and deadlift openers the same day. It makes sense. Thats how you compete - you squat, bench, and deadlift the same day - so you may as well get your body used to the workload - and know where you are at.

How a deadlift feels when you are 100% fresh, is way different than after 3 max effort squats. You don't want to bomb out on deadlifts because the lift you though was "easy" on a fresh training day, was too much after 3 max effort squats and benches on meet day.

Again.. train as you compete.

Video below.. the lifts felt really solid, fast, stable, and strong. The squat walk-out was a little shaky, but I'll be squatting in a monolift at the meet. This should conserve some energy.

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