Monday, September 22, 2014

Single ply bench attempts to 500lbs

Today was the day to test my attempts.. the plan was to take my opener to a touch, 2nd attempt to a half-board, and 3rd attempt to a 1 board.

Overall, everything went pretty well. I also remembered why its a bad idea to wear my running sneakers (not that I run, hahaha) to bench in.. I usually bench in my flat-soled Nike's (like Chuck Taylors).. but today when benching, when driving my legs, my feet were slipping forward.. the running sneakers just don't provide the same traction as the flat-soled shoes. Lesson learned.

Opening attempt:
450x1 (Touch) - Went great, fast and easy.. but my foot slipped on the re-rack

480x1 (Half-bd) - Best rep of the day... smooth and tight

500x1 (1bd) - This was actually the first time I was able to lock out 500lbs off a 1-bd.. it wasn't real clean, but I was able to get my triceps back under the bar, and lock it out. This lift would have been red-lighted with strict judging at a meet for reverse-direction when pressing..

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