Thursday, December 11, 2014

Louie Simmons on Trophys, PRs, and Progress...

"When I hear someone tell me what place he got in a meet rather than what his numbers were, or if he got a PR, I know his ego will hold him back. The real contest is with yourself. A trophy proves only what you have done, but has no bearing on what will happen next. You must always do better and better. That's the real world. You can be the greatest powerlifter in the world, but the day you retire, you're forgotten. If you quit one time, you're a quitter. You may go for a year or two without progress before coming out of a slump. Powerlifting is a tough sport. No one said it wasn't. As far as training partners go, if you run with the lame, you will develop a limp. Everyone can't be a world champ, but we all can be better." - Louie Simmons

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