Monday, December 29, 2014

Breaking in the Metal Jack squat suit 12/28

November was a tough month for me, tweaking both my Pec and my Hamstring within a week of each other.. but like I said last month, I got them both out of the way same week :)

Anyhow, if you have been following along you will know I made the best of it - and an important part of training is learning how to adapt and train around your injuries. I spent about 6 weeks working with the Safety Squat Bar in a linear progression with light weights off a low (12") box.. adding bands at the end. 

I was really excited to get back under some heavy weight this morning.. it felt like a meet day.. couldnt even sleep a lot haha! It was going to be especially fun because it would be my first session in my new multi-ply Metal Jack Squat suit. I had purchased a metal multiply suit almost a year ago, as well as a set of briefs - but the timing hasn't been right to actually break them out and train in them until now. Using multiply gear, it is near impossible to walk out a squat safely, so I needed to be able to train on a monolift. Right off the bat when looking at the gear, you can really tell the difference between the Metal multiply stuff and the Titan Super Centurion single ply stuff I have been using the last few years.. the material is much, much thicker. But honestly? The suit is not quite as tight/binding as the single ply. It seems like in order for the single ply to work, it must be skin-hugging tight.. where as with the multiply it relies more on its thickness/stretch to work.

I sized the Metal Jack squat suit with the help of Brian Carroll and Jo Jordan from EliteFTS and went with a 56. Its a little loose in the legs, but I figured it would be just right once I add the metal jack briefs in. (Next cycle, not this one) For this meet cycle, I just want to get the squat suit broken in and make sure I can get to depth. We can add the briefs in later. :)
Under the advice of Brian Carroll, I like to get in my gear early in the warm ups - when the weight is light. Gear makes things different, so you want to be able to get used the gear in weight you can throw around, rather than getting in the gear at near/above maximal weights.

I based my session percentages on a 700lb Training Max. Some critiques are I need to stay tight and upright in the hole with my arch locked in, and not force the depth quite yet. The depth will come as the suit breaks in and the weight goes up.

Squat: (No knee wraps, just sleeves)
315x2 (squat suit, bottoms only no straps)
500x2 x 3 sets    (70%)
565x2 Light Reverse band   (80%)


Rolling Planks:

Band Leg Extensions

In closing, I want to say the 6 weeks I spent rehabbing my Pec/Hamstring by using the Safety Squat bar definitely did not go to waste. Last week, I pulled 500x3 faster than I ever pulled before.. This week, just by watching the vids I can say my squats have gotten faster with improved hip strength. The SSB raw off a low-box is a great tool.. it doesn't teach you to squat - but it makes you stronger to squat..

Stay tuned for Wednesday when I break out the Metal Jack Bench Shirt for the first time.... like a kid on Christmas morning!

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  1. thks for sharing in your post. I think what u did in that 6 weeks is wonderful.