Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Offseason Speed deadlifts & Rack pulls

At this point, I'm about 5-6 weeks into a slight hamstring strain rehab cycle. As a refresher, I tweaked my hamstring doing sprints back in the beginning of November. Not a bad strain, but a strain nonetheless.

The biggest problem with people is we try to ignore the fact we injured the body and get back into the heavy stuff too soon- and BAM we re-injure it in this self-destructive cycle.. and keep re-injuring it.

In summary, I got off the heavy stuff and started box squatting, and cycling sumo and conventional pulls for 5x5 sets of light weight. I started at just 225 and worked my way this week up to 315. This week I added in some heavier rack pulls as a finisher, just to see how my hamstrings would hold up. Seems good so far. After the 5x5 Speed pulls, I was pretty cooked - so the rack pulls were a great finisher for my lower back/lockout.

Next week we go back to sumo.

Speed pulls:
315x5 x 5 (Working Sets)

Rackpulls just below/at knee:

Kettlebell swings w/35lb kettlebell
3 sets of 15

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