Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dynamic Benching w/Hanging Plates

Today we worked on building stabilizer muscles and staying tight on the bench by working 8 sets of 3 at approximately 40-45% of 1RM using plates hanging from bands from the bar..


These hanging plates force you to keep the bar in line and tight, as the swinging plates want to move the bar all over your bar path. The faster you bench, the more the plates move - the tighter you have to stay. Usually we work heavy accessories on our speed bench days, but today we went for high reps, as we wanted to have a little bench deload. We are about 10 weeks out of our next meet, and we want to hit our raw bench hard this Wednesday.

For accessories today, we worked tricep push downs with a football bar for high reps - 20-25 reps, and dumbbell shoulder presses for 15-20 reps. We didn't do back accessories today because we wanted today to be a light day to prepare for a real heavy Wednesday of overload benching.


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