Monday, January 14, 2013

Rack pulls Deadlifts off 4" Blocks

Today we did a lot of rep work, pulling off a 4" rack pull (well below knees) to really work the lock out and hip push-through..

Warmed up with some Cable pull-throughs for 4 sets of 15.. then:

Rack Pulls:
315x3 (Nick)  315x1 (Derek)
365x3 (Nick)  365x1 (Derek)
405x1 (Nick)  365x1 (Derek)
455x1 (Nick)  365x1 (Derek)
495x1 (Nick)  315x10 (Derek)
495x1 (Nick)  275x10 (Derek)
545x1 (Nick) Lost Grip

After this, we supersetted some weighted back raises and roman chairs for sets of 15-20.

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