Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Titan Super Centurion Squat Suit Break-in

Ok.. last night I worked on implementing a few things to help me get to depth in my new Titan Super Centurion Squat Suit..

a. Wrap the Knees
b. Work Rep Sets
c. Increase my speed on the way down
d. Worked straps down

To anyone who hasn't been following this, I'm not looking to start a thread debating on my squat height. We are all aware I'm not at parallel yet. These threads are about my working in my new squat suit trying to get down to parallel.

Started the night, warmed up to 405 for proper depth raw without a problem.
Went 455 for a single rep just to start things off (in video) .. It was maybe a little better than last week's but not much progress.

Over the next 2 hours (yes.. it lasted two hours.. it was a ton of trial and error).. we experimented with different body positions and speeds and such... until we finally hit on what was happening. And when I tell you, it will seem ridiculously simple.

I was wearing my belt too low. 

By wearing my belt low, it was binding up my hips, and keeping me from sitting back properly. This in turn acted like a lever, and when I tried to go lower, all I would do is drop my chest, and my butt would come up.. think of a "see-saw" on a playground. Thats what was happening.

So we raised the belt up an inch or two so I could get my hips in better position, and things went MUCH better. Unfortunately we didn't figure this out until about an hour and a half in the squat session and by that time I was exhausted.

This video shows my last squat set.. 455 for a set of 4. (I was doing 5's all night, but I was cooked at this point).. if you watch my rep #3.. I think it was the best of the night and huge progress over last week.

If you are wondering why I put a bench under my squat for the 2nd video, I put it there to help gauge depth. When I sit on that bench, I am parallel.

I feel confident with everyones help and any additional comments/critique, I can get proper depth next week when I am fresh..

This Week's Squat Session:

Last Week's Squat Session:

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