Tuesday, February 18, 2014

6 Weeks out.. Speed Squat Day

What was I originally thought would be a nice easy, quick day.. actually turned into an awesome workout, without going real heavy.. but at the end of the night my entire legs (both posterior and quads) feel like they got a killer workout!

Squat Straps Down - 60% 5x1  - 405lbs - Focused on getting each set/rep faster than the one before

Deadlift 5x1 - 60% 5x1 -405lbs .. I actually cheated here a bit.. technically 60% is 345lbs for me, but I was feeling really strong and solid tonight during deadlift warmups.. I decided to go with 405.

The 405 tonight felt very light, and my form felt spot-on. I was super tight when pulling, driving my feet thru the ground, and absolutely smoking the 405.

I was running low on time at this point, so I super-setted my last two exercises - Pause Squats and Leg Press.. talk about getting a burn on.. I actually supersetted the entire next 6 sets.. I didn't take any breaks between sets.

Pause Squat- 3x6 (Raw) - 225lbs.. holding it for a 3 count at top and bottom of every set. (No belt)
Leg Press- 3x10 - 475lbs

Doubled up my protein shake tonight and aminos to help with muscle breakdown while I sleep.

Great session.

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