Saturday, February 8, 2014

November 2013 - Current (Feb 8/2014)

Again, I can't say enough about Brian's training.. he really knows how to cycle it to build raw strength during "off-season" and peak for the meets fresh and injury free.

We took November and December 2013 to build raw strength and did a lot of 3-5 rep work, focusing on building that raw strength.

Out of respect for his livelihood and paid coaching, I am not going to post the exact routines/programming, but I am going to do my best to keep a training log on this blog going forward.

Starting in January 2014, I was about 10-11 weeks out of my next RPS meet March 29th, so we began getting back into the Gear for some squat and bench work. We got into it slowly with some strap down speed work squats, and some rep work off boards for benching.

A lot of Brian's routines are rep work in the gear, and I cannot say enough about it.. doing the reps in the gear is a key element to building confidence and success in the gear. I used to do way more 1 rep stuff, and I never was able to get the confidence I have now.

Here's some Squat and Bench videos from January's training..

January 14th 2014

January 15th 2014
February 2nd 2014

Right now my squat is coming along real well.. I need to put more focus back onto my shirted benching. I'm not real happy with my stability and tightness while benching. I need to get my body set more, and drive more onto my traps while staying up to the bar. I know what I have to work on.. and stay tuned for more updates!

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