Saturday, March 7, 2015

Depth work in the Metal Jack squat suit.. 4 wks out

4 weeks out.. squat depth work. I wasn't happy with last weeks Squat session even though we went up to 675lbs. If I can't nail my opener reliably to depth, there will never be a 2nd or 3rd attempt. I am fortunate enough to have a great crew of teammates who came out to help handle and coach me tonight for a long session of 8 sets above 500lbs, working up to 600lbs. Big thanks to my crew for coming out in the cold to help even though they weren't training themselves! (And my wife for running the monolift after a days work!)

All in all, I am really happy with tonights work - and I even surprised myself by working smart. Like every lifter I'm always tempted to go heavy, and push the training envelope... what I needed tonight was to stay light and work the depth.. We spent 6 sets doing 500lbs x 1 rep, just focusing on my main squatting cues - sitting back, staying upright, setting my arch.. and most importantly hitting depth. What good is it if I am training to hit 675lbs if I can't get my opener past the judging?

By the end of tonights session (8 sets over 500lbs).. I was smoked.. but I was rewarded with hitting 600lbs to a good depth.. even though it felt heavy as shit hahaha

I also experimented tonight with taking my stance a bit wider.. I like it.

Squat cues:

  • Grip Floor / Set feet
  • Set Arch hard
  • Elbows forward and back locked in
  • Begin squat with Hip Hinge first
  • Drive Knees out
  • Arch hard/Chest up
  • Dip at depth

Bar x 3
135 x 3
225 x 3
315 x 1 (Straps Down)
405 x 1 (Straps Down)
405 x 1 (Straps Down)
500 x 1 (Straps Up) x 6 Sets
550 x 1 (Straps Up)
600 x 1 (Straps Up)

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