Sunday, March 8, 2015

Some updates and tweaks in meet prep plans.. 3 weeks out...

One thing I've learned over the last few years is to listen to my body and make smart decisions.. that being said here's my self observations-

  1. Making the switch from the single ply Titan Katana/Super Centurion I used for 3 years to this multiply Metal Jack bench shirt and squat suit is going to take a LOT more than 6 or 7 weeks that i've been in it so far.
  2. I've made some good raw strength gains over the last 10/20 cycle
  3. I've hit some decent PRs in the suit and shirt, but they definitely aren't in the "Reliable" range yet. I just don't know my gear enough yet.
  4. My single ply PRs from last year are:  570/485  (talking strictly squat and bench here because i pull raw)
  5. This coming meet, I don't see huge PRs in my future. Not because of strength, but just knowing my gear setup well enough to duplicate it EVERY time. 
  6. I've decided to dial back my openers to real "last warmups" at this point. I'm going to use this meet as "get in the game meet" and really go after it in October.
  7. On a good day, I'm hitting 675 on the squat, but its hit or miss with depth. I've went as high as 540 off a 1 board in the shirt. The 1bd-to-touch transition is giving me trouble
  8. I modified my pre-meet program slightly - I substituted my "2nd and 3rd attempts" for more repeated opener attempts ....    because at this point I'm not chasing big gains, I'm more concerned with making my openers reliable to get in the meet, then go from there.

Here's what I did:
Last squat day, we didn't go past 600, actually did 8 singles between 550-600 just working my depth. I wanted to stay at a weight of about 80% so I could get some volume in.
Doing one or two squats wasn't going to be enough to let me sort out depth..
Here's a video to the last 2 sets of that day:  (I'm feeling good that we got the depth thing sorted out now)
The last set of 600 was my 9th heavy set so it looks like shit, but I was fucking cooked and exhausted. I feel good about this for a 2nd attempt all day long.

Two bench sessions ago, I was following my pre-meet plan... but weights that were flying up off a 1 board were now getting all fucked up off the touch.

One of my multiply partners said I was getting "Handcuffed" by the shirt because the collar was too low on my shoulders.. we changed that up for next session.

Shitty bench session:

Made some tweaks for next bench session, I actually got a touch at 455 which is my last  warmup. I'm considering opening here just to get in the meet. Its 30lbs below my single ply PR but whatever. Its not where you start but where you finish. I'm thinking 500 for 2nd attempt. Anyhow, we raised the collar up a bit and made sure the shirt was pulled back on my tris/delts. Better results here below... I didn't hold it at the end. I know that. But I'll fix it next session. I'm only 2 touches into the shirt so far, and I was just like "Whoa what the fuck get this bar off me"  hahaha

Better bench session w/touch at 455:

Wheres my thinking next 3 weeks of training?
Squat: I just have to make sure I'm attacking the weight and locking that arch in and driving knees out and I'm confident I'll be ok.
Bench: making progress, but I think i've noticed something that fucks me up at the touch ... that last inch I'm trying to belly up "even more" and I think its throwing my setup/shoulder rotation off. I think I just need to lock in my belly up, and just be patient down to the touch then do my thing. Also when I was in my single ply shirt, it was kind of like "belly-belly-belly-straight down into the bubble." .. this metal jack is more like "Belly-belly-belly" all the way down without a "straight down to touch"...

Here's my plan as of now:

Prior single ply PRS
570/485/545 (raw)

Planned 1st and 2nd attempts:
Squat :   550/600/ ???
Bench :  460/500/???
Deadlift: I'll kind of decide where i'm at come meet day. Somewhere around 510/550/???

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