Thursday, February 2, 2012

90 Days on Westside Barbell.. 19.8% Strength Gain

I have studied and followed the Westside Barbell method of training since November 1st, 2011 - a period of approximately 90 days.. I utilize an Ipad/Iphone Gym tracking tool called "GymBuddy" which is an awesome app - and I highly recommend it.

The app allows you to completely customize all the exercises - taking out the ones you don't do, and putting in the ones you do - We were able to add non-standard exercises such as "Board presses" "Chain presses" etc.. Please schedule workouts over a calendar up to a year in advance!

The best part is it allows you track your lifting history and analyzes your strength via calculating 1 Rep Maxes, and watches you grow over time.. This morning I ran my 90 day history, and was excited to see a 19.8% Strength gain since I started 10/30!  I can honestly say I was somewhat stuck before embracing the Westside Method.. I had been following Progressive Overload for approximately 2 years.. and for the last 6 months.. gains were somewhat stagnant... 

See below..

 __________________  Weight-Training Results  __________________

   You have performed 37 workouts on 35 days over a span of 95 days, beginning on 10/30/11.

   That equals a workout every 2.6 days (38.9%), or a workout-day every 2.7 days (36.8%).

   Your total weight lifted is 543191, which is an average of 14680 per workout.

   You have performed 626 sets for a total of 4652 reps, which is 16.9 sets per workout, 7.4 reps per set, and 125.7 reps per workout.

   Your average gain for all exercises is 19.8%.

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