Monday, February 13, 2012

New PR's tonight with Deadlift w/Chains.. Kellie 295lbs, Justin 375lbs, Nick 535lbs, 555 Near Miss (As close as it gets)

Tonight was a strong night for most.. Kellie Set a new PR with 255+40lbs chains at 295lbs, Justin 335+40 at 375lbs, Nick at 495+40 for 535, and a super near miss at 555.
All 3 Deadlifts Video...

We followed this up with Good Mornings for 8-10 Reps, Cable Pull throughs, and Weighted Situps.

Good Mornings:
Nick 4 sets 315x8
Justin 4 sets 205x6-8

Weighted Situps 50lbs sets of 10-15.. Justin is the Ab king using the 10lb medicine ball after that!!! Strong!

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