Sunday, March 11, 2012

3/11- Dynamic Bench @ 60%

Today, Laura Rinke, a friend we met at the last meet and member of the Lakeville Powerlifting Team joined us at our gym! She was recovering from some minor knee surgery and is now back in action.. Lakeville Powerlifting is proud to have the 2 strongest females in town!!!

We finished up the 3rd cycle of Dynamic Benching at 60%, and really focused on sorting out some form issues.. I have been working real hard on my setup, and making sure I keep heel pressure during my benches so I stay stable and get good drive.. Laura was excited to be joining us and experiment with various other tools of torture and tried our boards and chains as she doesn't usually have them included in her home gym.

8 Sets of 205 x 3 Reps

8 Sets of 155 x 3 Reps

Kellie & Laura:
8 Sets of 75 x 3 Reps

Below is a video of me(Nick) setup for my Dynamic bench.. I really am trying to focus on good, stable leg setup and heel drive. Its 3 reps at 205.. if you watch it, the first rep was ok, but I really applied the heal pressure and drove back onto my back/lats for reps 2 and 3.. now need to keep that for the 405+ attempts!

Kellie & Laura had some fun experimenting with the 3 and 5 boards and threw some chains in too! Real proud of them.. they worked up to 155 and 175 off the 3 Board! Then up to 145 with 40lbs of Chains.

As far as accessory work, we are beginning to really dial it back as we are about 2 weeks out of the meet.. we broke off into 2 groups based upon what we needed to work on.. I worked some heavy Barbell Rows up to 265 for 4 sets of 8.. Fred, Ed, Justin, Kellie, and Laura did some Heavy JM Presses and Tricep work.

Great job everyone! Big day tomorrow with Max Deadlift coming up!

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  1. This was such a great day, I learned so much. Today was the first time I really felt it with the drive off the floor, something just clicked into place when we were doing the board pressing. You guys are awesome :)