Sunday, March 25, 2012

3/25 - Last Bench Day before 3/31 Meet

Today's plan was to work up to our openers for reliability and form under full bench-press-rack commands, and then see where it goes from there. Since we adjusted Justin's leg setup, he is a lot stronger and stable.

We are still working on perfecting Fred's shirt setup.. Ed isn't competing in the upcoming meet, so he just did some raw presses and 1 boards.. I am working on ironing out my stability and heel pressure. I am almost there... I actually think during my 425 lift, I had better stability than my 405, even though it was maximal weight.... watch for yourself and decide..

With Dan's strong upper body, he is showing great stability and upper body strength with his raw benching..

Justin 225x1
Dan 285, 305x1
Ed 315x1, 365x1 - 1 bd
Fred 385x1
Nick 405x1, 425x1

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